North Carolina Rural Electrification Authority

NCREA was created as an agency of the State of North Carolina to:

  1. Ensure that customers in the predominantly rural areas of the state have access to adequate, dependable, and affordable electric and telephone service.
  2. Oversee the application of the electric and telephone cooperatives rules and regulations to ensure they are administered according to the manner in which they are written.
  3. Receive and investigate member complaints of the cooperatives.
  4. Advise cooperatives regarding recommended changes in rules and regulations.
  5. The NCREA serves as an agent in securing and approving Rural Utility Service (RUS) and Rural Economic Development loans and grants (REDLG) from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).
  6. The NCREA is responsible for receiving petitions for arbitration in compliance with the 1996 Telecommunications Act (The Act).
  7. Perform all other requirements of the North Carolina Rural Electrification Laws as documented in Chapter 117 of the General Statutes.

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