Board Member Steven C. Hunt

• Steven C. Hunt is the CEO and President for Lumbee River Electrical Membership Cooperative, LREMC, located in Red Springs, NC.

• Prior to joining LREMC on May 13, 2013 he accumulated twenty-one years of experience in various leadership roles with increased levels of responsibility with international and national corporations such as Campbell Soup, Tredegar, Unilever, and WestPoint Stevens. During these roles, Hunt gained extensive analytical reasoning using metrics as the foundational block for creating and executing performance based teams.

• Prior to his corporate career, Mr. Hunt served as a Captain in the United States Air Force.

• Steven earned his B.S. in Chemistry in 1988 from UNC – Pembroke.

• Mr. Hunt and his lovely wife, Nichole, have four children and three grandchildren. Steven enjoys farming, motorcycle riding, and is active in his church where he serves as an associate minister.

• Mr. Hunt was appointed to the REA Board by Governor Roy Cooper and his term will expire in June, 2021.